Muscle Building Diet Problems

Muscle Building And Body Building Diet – Are you sacrificing nutrition for muscle gain?

muscle builders diet


I have worked on a few body builders and talked with others. The more I hear about their diet for gaining muscle mass, the more I become concerned. Although I am not as versed in sports nutrition as some, I do have some real concerns about the eating regime many tell me about.

What is the diet like?

Many body builders are eating around six meals per day to put on the muscle mass that is so desired. What many do not realize is that despite eating six meals a day, the alkaline pH balance, the necessary good fats, minerals and fiber the are being sacrificed.

Many build extreme bulk eating six meals a day. Six meals a day may include such things as brown rice, eggs or egg white, hot cereal, tuna, chicken breast, bananas, orange juice and pasta. In addition protein drinks that are high in calories and low in fat may be used. Is this the regime you use for muscle gain?

Acid Forming Foods

Much of what body builders eat on this list is acid forming foods. This means that when measured with Litmus paper the saliva pH is going to be on the acid side.

An acid reading indicates that there is not enough minerals in the diet to bring you to an alkaline reading on the Litmus paper between 7.0 and 7.5. In order to achieve this higher pH reading, much of the food intake needs to be alkaline forming foods, especially leafy greens and other vegetables.  Dark leafy vegetables will provide the much needed minerals and much of the bulk the person needs.Some thing like a whole food super food or fresh vegetable juices would be a good place to start.

What This Means

An acid pH reading is found in sickness and disease. It does not mean that one will become ill immediately. What it means is that you set yourself up by your diet to travel one of two paths. To an alkaline condition which leads to good health or to an acid condition which will lead to illness and disease.

Eating for body building appears to be limited to a dozen or two foods, so the variety is not there to provide a rounded out selection of vitamins, minerals and fiber.  In addition, are you eating a large amount of raw foods which provides needed enzymes for better health? Are you daily getting in some of the beneficial fats?


I suggest that if you are a body builder, you need to take a look at what you are eating. In addition here is where to purchase Litmus paper. It will be sent to your door. Begin to use it daily to get your self on the path to better health. Other wise, you will be paying for it in later years.