Juicing – Is The Benefits Worth It?

Benefits Of Juicing

vegetable juicing

Do you feel sick or want some natural health answers to approaching a disease? You need to get on the fast track to better health? A good Diet and Vegetable juicing are often the answer.

Please remember that symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you. Instead of complaining, take a few seconds to thank your body for giving you feed back.

Some people never get any warning, but die of a sudden major heart attack. Was it that they had no warning, or did not pay attention to the little warnings the body was giving them?

Although this would not be my only suggestion, one of the best things you can do to get back on the track to good health is to juice organic vegetables and drink a cup or so of that several times per day. You may need to start with diluting that half with water if you are not used to eating veggies and the juice tastes pretty strong to you.

Juicing Provides Many Benefits

The benefit of juicing is that you are saturating your body with the vitamins and minerals you are not getting in the amounts you need for good health.

The second benefit of juicing is that you are taking in live, raw food with its life force, which helps to raise your life force and energy.

Third, when you cook food, you kill most of the enzymes. When the food is raw, the enzymes are there and active.

Your body needs plenty of enzymes. The typical American diet does not provide many enzymes. Your pancreas has to work overtime cranking out enzymes to help you digest.

It gets overworked, tired and quits doing its job efficiently. So drinking raw vegetable juices will build your health and gives you a nice assortment of enzymes. Eating cooked and canned vegetable juices will do very little for you.

Fourth, Raw vegetable juicing helps you to Alkalize. Your pH should be around 7.2 to 7.5 when measuring it with a pH strip. Many people have a reading of 6.5 or less, which is too acid. You cannot build health in an acid state because it shows you don’t have a good mineral balance.

The main Alkaline minerals you will get from your juices will be Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium.

How To Alkalize Quickly To Balance Your Health

To alkalize quickly, I suggest that you get a juicer and have fresh vegetable juice each day. It is a good way to get in all those 7 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits that is suggested now days. This will give you added minerals and enzymes as well. I do suggest that you purchase organic vegetables if at all possible.

If you are feeling okay but have not been diagnosed with a disease and your pH level is close to 7.0 or higher, one to three vegetable juices daily will help tremendously to become more alkaline, keep you healthy and build the good health you desire.

If you are suffering from disease or illness, I urge you to begin juicing right away. I have seen changes in severely acid people in about a week, changing from severely acid to alkaline readings, on the Gerson therapy (generally used for Cancer) because they drink 7 to 10 fresh vegetable juices each day.

If you have cancer and have not heard of the Gerson therapy, you can read about this. It is an intense therapy, but I have seen many people beat their cancer on this regime.

It is always best to drink a fresh juice, but if you cannot, then make it and put in a container that has a lid, to help keep it from oxidizing. Store in the refrigerator and drink it as soon as possible.

fresh vegetable juice

Vegetable Juicing: Can you use canned vegetables and Vegetable Juices?

Juicing: Fresh Vegetables Versus Canned Juices For Juicing

Avoid this mistake:

From time to time I am asked by people who are just starting on the journey to build their health why they cannot just buy V8 vegetable juice or that type of canned juice in the grocery store.

Here is the honest truth about those types of drinks…

I worked in a Cannery when I was about 18 to 20, part time. I worked there in the fall, when the corn was picked, but I got to see what happens to foods that are canned. Food rolls in on the truck and is dumped on the conveyer belt. It will then go up to be sorted and washed, then processed and packaged or canned.

Problem is that everything goes by the people who sort so quickly that it is hard to pick out all the bad vegetables and moldy pieces. Some slips by and is in the finished product.

You don’t want to be putting that bad food, mold and rot into your body. It does not build health.

That is why I refuse to eat creamed corn. I know what happens, I gave breaks to the whole crew. I had to learn nearly every person’s job and work with all the machines.

When it came to sorting corn, some of the bad corn fell through the holes of the sorting equipment. I was there to pick bad stuff out by hand before that happened, but could not get it all. It just goes by too quickly.

Secondly, there is a big difference between the cooked vegetable juices such as V8 juice and the raw vegetables you juice in your own juicer.

So Start Vegetable Juicing

By drinking these raw juices each day, you will boost your ability to become alkaline more quickly, and get in the vitamins and minerals you need. For many who are fighting illness and disease, this is often overlooked, but it makes a huge difference in getting back on the road to health.

No matter what your age, you can increase your health by following these suggestions on the benefits of juicing today. Don’t put it off, get started! I have used and sold several types of juicers. The Champion Juicer is high on my list. You can have it delivered to you, and start your own juicing in just a few days, so check it out.