7 Stress Reliever Ideas To Use At Home

 7 Tips For Coping With Stress At Home

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Do you have this kind of stress in your home? You don’t know where you left your cell phone. Your teenager just tracked mud from the front door, all the way into the bedroom, Your spouse is watching TV, rather than work on the bills. The dog just got into the garbage that no one has taken out yet…

This can be a typical family stress day for many of us. Stress begins to build until you know something needs done or you are going to hit stress overload. Let me suggest some things you can do to ease your stress and have a home environment that is inviting.

Stress is bound to happen at home, however there are ways to set up core values and get organized, so that your home can be a happy, healthy place.

Ways Of Relieving Stress

So let us discuss some ways of relieving stress.

1. Get Organized. Wether that is a list by the day of chores that need done, or specifically where things go, or what needs done at the first of the month, it needs done, or more stress builds up. So get organized.

So break the getting organized into small projects, rather than try to organize the whole house and garage in one day, for example.  Include the whole family into the projects when ever possible.

2. Learn to communicate. Work on your communication skills. (1) When you do not communicate clearly, it is not clear to others what you want. When you fail to communicate, you create upset and misunderstandings.

By your communication with your children, you help set the example and show them how to properly communicate. Good communication helps all family members, young or old feel loved.

3. Eat together. Even if it is just Dinner, it shows the others in the household that you are interested in them and want to connect. It gives you time to stress what is important in life, share some thing funny and find out what is going on in their life.

4. Have some fun together. This needs to be scheduled, with as busy as people get nowdays. This is important, if you want to have a family that connects and values others in the family. A good idea is to have each family member pick out some things that they would like to do, and then rotate the choices so that everyone feels heard.

5. Show unconditional love.  Adult or child, all in the family need to know that making a mistake does not make them a bad person. They need to know that loving family members will accept and forgive them.

Especially for children, this helps give them have confidence and emotional strength, aiding them to grow up to be balanced adults.

This also takes a lot of stress off the family and everyone will be happier.

6. Give family your support. Eating to gether, having fun together and going out of the way for others in the family show that you value and support them. So if your child has a recital on Friday night and wants you to come, even though that may not be an ideal time for you, go if at all possible.

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7. Have Family rules. Rules allow everyone to know what is expected and gives them a guide to follow. Have family meetings to communicate about the house rules and values that you have as a parent.  If you are a Bible reader or want to become one, it is a great place to find guidance for each member of the household.

Build a stress free home by showing love and forgiveness. Encourage each person to do their best and work together to build a great home life, using some of these stress reliever tips to alleviate family stress.