Coral Calcium – Lets Take A Balanced Look

Coral Calcium Benefits? Is There Any Downside?

coral calcium

I would like to share some observations about one of the things sold in the health market today – Coral Calcium.

People ask me whether there are Coral Calcium benefits and if it will restore health, and if so why…

Benefits Of Coral Calcium

Why the coral calcium works is that it is a mineral. Most of us are low in our mineral stores. Minerals keep us alkaline, a lack there of leaves us more acidic.

The blood has a narrow range in alkalinity in which it needs to operate. When acids come into the system such as drinking a soda, the body pulls minerals out of storage – tissues and bones – to buffer the acids and stay within its necessary range.

The common alkalizing minerals are calcium, magnesium and potassium. Most of us do not have adequate stores of these minerals, or most other minerals, and they are used each day in body processes. Operating from deficiency leads to health problems and later to diseases.

Do You Need To Alkalize?

You can measure your alkaline/acid balance using Litmus paper. This is something I have done for many, many years. I could safely say that if you are having health problems, it is most likely that you imbalanced in several ways including being deficient in minerals and would come up reading acidic with the Litmus paper.

Coral calcium will help people simply because they are acidic and so deficient in their alkalizing minerals. Take coral calcium and you become more alkaline and many of the symptoms your body was talking to you with will abate.

Can You Take Too Much?

To take calcium, any type, month in and month out will eventually fill the deficiency and then go on to create excess. Minerals interact with each other, and all have a ratio they need to be at in comparison to other minerals, in order for the body to work well.

People Can Be Intolerant

In addition, this Calcium won’t help everyone. Some people get headaches, nausea or just don’t feel well when taking it. That is the body’s way of saying it is not right for them at that time.

And others may start out and within a few weeks feel better by taking Coral Calcium. They then go into a peak of feeling better and then starting to feel worse after a time. Their body is saying that it has had enough. By continuing to take this calcium these people would then begin to create other imbalances.

I Don’t Suggest Coral Calcium For Two Reasons

First, it is a calcium carbonate and is not any more available to your body than other forms of calcium. Some people do not handle it as well as other forms of calcium. With that in mind, some of you are paying a high price for calcium by taking Coral Calcium. For less less cost, try Calcium gluconate and Calcium citrate. It muscle tests well for most people.

Do remember that you need a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1 rather than just taking straight calcium. Many people will find that potassium helps to keep the magnesium in balance.

The second reason I don’t suggest it is that one can alkalize by eating dark green leafy vegetables and drinking vegetable juices or taking a super green food powder, full of many nutrients and minerals.

You get so much more nutrition out of using a super food powder instead of just taking some minerals. You get a whole range of minerals, vitamins, probiotics and enzymes that the body can choose from as it needs those components.

focus on vegetables in diet

Focus On The Vegetables

Our food choices, especially vegetables, are where the real answer lies for so many of our health problems. It is were we bring in the building blocks (minerals, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins) to build, repair and energize. It is suggested now that we take in 7 to 9 servings of vegetables and fruits.

So please, take a balanced look at it. There are some benefits of Coral Calcium, there is also a downside.