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Juicing – Is The Benefits Worth It?

Benefits Of Juicing Do you feel sick or want some natural health answers to approaching a disease? You need to get on the fast track to better health? A good Diet and Vegetable juicing are often the answer. Please remember that symptoms are your body’s way of talking to you. Instead of complaining, take a few

Dog Allergies And Cat Allergies

Have Allergies And Own A Pet? Many of us are aware that we need to keep the dust, dust mites and mold down to a minimum in our homes, especially if we have allergies. But how often do we think about our dog and cat as a source of allergens? If you have the problem and

Benefits Of Cranberry Juice

Health Benefits Of Cranberry Juice Learn about the health benefit of Cranberry juice. You may have some in your Kitchen now. Read on to see how it can help. The juice was first made by American settlers in 1683. It is a love it or hate it beverage. For those who like it, it has a

How To Strengthen Immune System For Better Health

Immune Response – How To Strengthen It Many are looking for natural methods to build immunity to such things as the Flu. “The flu” is most often a reflection of what is going on inside the body. Build health and immunity against such things as viruses and bacterias by using alternatives to antitbiotics. Antibiotics Are

Heavy Backpack For Kids – Any Harm?

Children Backpack To School – Are Backpacks Harming Their Back? You see it every school day. School children who are slightly hunched over, carrying a backpack on their backs. The concern is if this is a heavy back pack for kids. They have to hunch forward a bit many times under The weight and do this

Overuse Of Antibiotics Is On The Increase

Antibiotic Overuse Is Increasing Here are some results of a study on antibiotic resistance being funded in Massachusetts by the federal government: Early state findings suggest that some doctors may be contributing to overuse of Antibiotics by prescribing them without seeing the patient, or by giving in to patients’ demands for them even when they’re not needed.